Thursday, August 6, 2009

No. 3 The Tomorrow Club - Review

I know I keep saying the same thing, but we had a really interesting session last night. Thank you so much to Ellen for proposing the texts and being a mine of information. Thanks to everyone who came also. Many diverse issues were discussed, and a few perplexing questions came up inculding; Why is the 2-storey semi-d house the same all over the country, where did the plan/design for these now generic houses come from? (Answers on a postcard please). We also discussed forgotten Irish architects such as Noel Moffett and Herbert Symes (Symes is designed many of the brick dutch expressionist housing complexes around Dublin).
Further reading: "The Lost Decade: Ireland in the 1950s" edited by Dermot Keogh, Finbarr O'Shea, Carmel Quinlan.

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