Thursday, November 19, 2009

No. 13 Being & Architecture

For our next reading group I propose that we find out what Heidegger had to say about architecture, to that end we will be reading "Building Dwelling Thinking" and "Poetically Man Dwells" both by Heidegger. (Both these texts are featured in the book "Rethinking Architecture A reader in cultural theory" ed by Neil Leach, a book which complies philosophers views on architecture) We will be meeting to discuss these readings on Tuesday 1st December, at 7.30, in the Library Bar, Central Hotel, Exchequer St.

I think this will be the last reading group before Christmas, so hope to see you all there, as always please email to attend.

Martin Heidegger belongs to the phenomenological school of philosophy, concerned with the nature of being. His seminal work was "Being and Time"